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・ Machinery parts for agriculture (about 60% of whole processed products)

・ Engine parts for ships

・ Machine parts for various industries

· Automotive frame parts

We mainly use agricultural machine parts, and process single-piece to mass-produced products (lots 20 to 200) at machining centers (longitudinal, 5-axis) of machine tools.

Equipped with additional axes (XYZ + 4th axis) on almost all machines, including 5-axis machines, we specialize in multi-face machining, angled workpieces, and various gear cases.
In general, casting products are often processed using a horizontal machine, but we improve the jig to enable machining using a vertical machine.
Simultaneous processing of the back surface, parts of relatively small lot finish setup after a short time and start processing.
We also design and manufacture in-house jigs used to attach complex shapes such as aluminum castings and various gear cases such as FCD to the machine. Please leave the short delivery date for prototypes.
There is no outsourcing cost due to the in-house production of jigs, and by improving the jigs in-house immediately when problems occur, more stable high-precision machining is possible.

We also process many castings (FC / FCD).
Tests are repeated several times, and based on the accumulated data, we process the cutting oil of the machine after all replacement depending on the material.

The maximum processing size at our facility is 1300 x 600 x 500 (900 kg), but since there is almost no processing on the outer peripheral surface, the size is usually around 500 x 500 x 300 (~50 kg).

Cutting from precision plates (6F) has also increased in recent years.
These are mainly about 300 × 300 × 200 in size, such as AL / S50C / SUS, but other difficult-to-cut materials and workpieces larger than 300 mm can be used.
Basically, we do not refuse the size of the machine that can be machined by the size of the machine because it is the size that can be machined.

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