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Company Profile

Message from the CEO


Our company was established in 1995 as a metal processing business in Kamo-cho, Yunnan City, which is our predecessor, and we have been doing it for about 24 years.
In 2016, we reorganized in order to become a stronger company, and from the name of the private business owner DE Takaki
DE Takaki Co., Ltd. was established.

Then, in 2019, the founding of a new plant was started in the year of the year, and the company name was changed, and as a current climbfactory, Inc.
I made a new start.

​Based on the experience and know-how accumulated from the time of the founding, we still do only machining of metal parts.

With the spread of cheap, high-quality foreign products these days, the days when good products can be sold have already ended.
As a person involved in manufacturing, I always want to continue to search for things of higher precision and higher quality in all times

From now on, while striving to improve the skills as an engineer, we are committed to increasing the value as a company,
It is a small town factory, but it supports Japanese manufacturing.
We want to contribute to the future of society.

We value connections with people and we will work hard every day.​

                                                  August  2019  climbfactory Inc.
                                   CEO Toshiyuki Takaki

・ Corporate information

 Business name: climbfactory Inc.    

 Location: 1126-1 kamo-cho Higashidani, Unnan City, Shimane 699-1113 Japan



 Founded: April 1995

 Established: August 2016



 Representative: CEO Toshiyuki Takaki

    Number of employees: 6

・ Contents of business

​ Precision metal parts processing industry (machining processing specialty)

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